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Vegan, gluten-free, or paleo diet? No matter what kind of food you like to eat, HealthyYou app is for you as it gives you a detailed picture of the foods you eat while helping you avoid the ones you shouldn't Our dietary database is ever expanding. So, if something you consumed is not yet available it should be soon! Being mindful of the things we consume is the first step in discovering our triggers.

Let's face it - nutrition science is complicated. (Especially when we're all being bombarded with a million different claims about what's healthy and what isn't.) But our app identifies the ingredients that make people feel good and uses that to help you choose wisely. In the future, our AI model will even generate personalized recommendations for you.

Let HealthyYou app help manage your food allergies. Generate a food allergy diet recipe based on your personal needs. Easily track your symptoms and our recipe builder will avoid them.

Your healthcare team is central to your health. HealthyYou connects you with your providers and lets them electronically share information about you. Provider not yet on the app? Have them contact us!

Available on web, iOS, and Android

Why HealthyYou?

HealthyYou was built by people with digestive issues on a mission to create a product that we feel solves a significant problem: "We experience the world around us based on our emotions, our activity, and the food we consume and it all starts in the gut. Digestive issues are too common and too painful affecting our daily experience. How can we make people feel better faster?